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three years ago, a fabulous girl named caitlin started a community called dailyfab. at its peak, dailyfab had almost 500 adoring members. sadly, it has since become a ghost town. because the community had so many fans, i decided to create a new community, as a homage to caitlin and her wonderful creation.

please note that membership is not open, but do not be put off by that. this is mainly to keep trolls and spammers out of the community. i will take a quick look at everybody's profile. keep in mind that if your journal was just created and there isn't much to it, i may be hesitant to grant you membership.

this should be an unspoken rule, but please girls, be nice. if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. anyone making rude comments or starting drama will be banned.

please keep all entries friends only. this will help to keep unwanted people lurking within our community.

while pictures are not required, they make an entry more interesting. if posting more than one picture, please place them behind a cut. a teaser image may be placed outside of the cut, but please keep it to a reasonable size. people get quite fussy about their friends' pages being stretched out, and we don't want to deal with 100 whining girls.

this is a fashion-related community, so please keep all posts relative. this community was made for the purpose of showing off outfits, but feel free to post about anything fashion-related (wish lists, outfit advice, shopping posts, polyvores, etc.). any other posts should be made elsewhere. if you have a similar community and would like to promote it, please run it by us first, otherwise your post will be deleted.

if you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact me, but please do not clog up our community with your bitching and moaning.

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